JCA Mission Statement:
To provide programs and services which foster the well-being of our local community and Jews at home, in Israel and around the world through continuous learning, charitable works, social and educational and recreational services.

Officers of the JCA
Paul D. Lantz — President
Mitchell Kornfeld — Vice President
Jeffrey Roth — Secretary
Robert Friedman — Treasurer

Member Agency of:
United Way of Wyoming Valley
Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)
Jewish Community Center Association (JCCA)

JCA Growth Committee

Fall, 2013


The JCA Growth Committee was formed in June, being led by Dave Kayton and Mitch Kornfeld. The committee’s mission is to retain and involve the area’s Jewish community, as well as to reach out to Jewish people outside the area and let them see all the area has to offer. This will ensure our community’s longevity and vitality.

Since June, the team has determined quite a few areas of improvement and has made progress on several of them. We had a successful social event at The Woodlands in August that brought out 60 community members and provided 15 new email addresses. We created a JCA Facebook page and already have over 100 “likes.” In addition, the committee is creating a new brochure to show off our community to newcomers and potential newcomers, and we are reinstating the recruiting/welcoming committee. Finally, we encouraged the re-introduction of this newsletter and are working to improve our JCA website’s overall appearance. In the coming months, we hope to improve our community’s outreach to the local universities, to set up a young people’s group, and work to find and recruit new people to the area.

We are reaching out to all “newcomers” to the community to be the Jewish Community Centers’ guest to our annual Chanukah dinner which will be held on Sunday, December 1. Please call the JCC and introduce yourself and see what we can do for you.

The growth committee has reached out to some of our newcomers to the community to let them know what we have to offer.

Resource Development Committee

Fall, 2013


Our current plan is to work closely with Rick Evans, Director of Development for the JCA, to bring about successful programs and activities which will raise funds to meet the budgeted target.

We have identified five sources of income that have traditionally been part of the fundraising stream for what was the Jewish Community Center and Federation, and have brainstormed to come up with additional projects that will not only self-fund, but will produce additional income for the JCA.

These include grants, grass roots fundraising projects, the annual dinner and alumni campaign, the program guide, gifts and donations, including Autism funds, endowments and members in perpetuity.

We are looking at projects such as Bingo, using the assistance of our BBYO teens, the Superbowl Pool for which we now have proper licensing, “J”-Bay selling of gently used items and apparel that can be featured at Bingo or other venues, an ongoing Shuk/Bake Sale project, a theatre/drama project.

We will contact potential grant writers in our community that may be able to help us secure yearly funding. We will look at projects that have already been done and are currently not being “sold” to our constituents, and which may need to be “repackaged” such as our Tree of Life which might be tied to alumni support from those no longer living in the area; an Alumni Roots campaign, or the Members in Perpetuity.

We see these projects not only as crucial to the fundraising efforts of the JCA, but also the FUNraising efforts, and specifically to reach out to a new demographic in our community – our next generation of members who are the children of current community members and are relocating back to the area, or find themselves here temporarily. Many of these projects will engender excitement and spirit while helping to prepare these young people for leadership positions.